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The Classical Ballet Syllabus is a comprehensive training system from Pre-Grades to teaching qualifications.

Classical ballet is the most formal of the ballet styles, as it adheres to traditional ballet techniques. Various traditional styles of ballet in the world: Russian, Italian, French, Danish and English.


The most unique features of classical ballet are turn-out, extension of the feet, pointe work, long lean muscles, correct posture and elegance. Pointe work is usually introduced to students who achieve a high standard of technique, and have at least 3-5 years of dedicated ballet training. It is dangerous to put students who have unsatisfactory technical skills and poor strength, en pointe.


Our Ballet Classes


Mummy and Me:

Mummy and Me classes focus on simple exercises which contribute to balance, rhythm, transfer of weight, strength and flexibility. It allows parents

to gain an insight into the benefits dance and learning through fun has on developing children. At Black Swan School of Dance we strive to make sure even the youngest Budding Dancer can tap their feet and enjoy the wonders dance has to offer. 



Kinder Dancers:

Kinder Dancers is an enjoyable way for young children to channel their energy, develop physical skills, stimulate imagination and promote creativity. The aim of this class is to enhance the benefits of creative movements and introduce dance in a fun way. The class utilises a combination of theme, movements with basic dance technique, music and storytelling.



Pre Ballet: 

Pre Ballet is the Foundation of Technique and prepares students for the work in the Grades. Children also learn to mime, which develops into self-expression. It is an introduction to the examination room in the form of a performance test and to build confidence in the child.  



Primary Ballet:

Primary is the Development of Technique. Here children learn to listen and to recognize different rhythms in music, which will develop into musicality in their dancing. It gives them the ability to feel the movement and to dance with freedom and enjoyment.



Grades 1 to 6:

Here the teaching of true ballet technique commences along with increased emphasis on correct posture, placement and alignment. Flexibility and strength building are also necessary components. The level of difficulty increases with each grade, Students are asked to learn various barre, centre and corner exercises as well as dance routines.



The Major Classical Syllabus covers:

Sub Elementary




Premiere Danseuse/Premiere Danseur

Martin Rubinstein Award (Public Performance)

For students who have completed grade 1 to 6 and wish to continue their training at a professional level.  

Black Swan School of Dance endeavours to foster their student’s love of dance through encouragement and acknowledging each students personal achievements.