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The Modern Jazz Syllabus has 10 levels. Children can start from as young as 3 years of age and continue through the system completing exams appropriate to their age and training level. The syllabus offers a structured and complete training system in jazz, including limbering, turns, leaps and routines. Routines in the upper levels have been choreographed by some of Australia’s top choreographers including Kelly Abbey, Nathan Wright, Kieth Hawley and many more. This is the syllabus which led 2 out of 3 winners from So You Think You Can Dance to their great success.


Our Jazz Classes


Pre Jazz:

Here students are introduced to simple Jazz steps such as skips, bounces and knee-bops. They learn how to incorporate their moves with rhythms of music, and show personal expressions throughout their dancing.



Primary Jazz:

Primary Jazz is the Development of Technique, Using skills learnt in Pre Jazz students continue to learn to listen and to recognize different rhythms in music, which will develop into musicality in their dancing giving them the ability to feel the movement and to dance with freedom and enjoyment.



Grades 1 to 4:

Students in grades Grade1 to 4 begin to learn more complicated and demanding techniques such as turns, and larger leaps. During examinations they are expected to present a solo dance wherein they must demonstrate a high standard of work. In this grade, they are exposed to basic ballet techniques in preparation for their progress towards higher grades.



Grades 5 to 8:

For students who have completed grade 1 to 4 and wish to continue their training at a professional level



Black Swan School of Dance endeavours to foster their student’s love of dance through encouragement and acknowledging each students personal achievements.